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Glad Tuesdays

glad tuesdaysGlad Tuesdays is a small, structured music group for children aged 7-12 who on the Autism Spectrum. It takes place at 3.30 - 4.15 on a Tuesday in the Glad Foundation, based in the Glad Cafe 1006A Pollockshaws Road. This class involves a mixture of structured music making through rhythm games and songs and a chance for each child to develop their creative abilities. We give each child a chance to develop improvisation and composition skills and learn to play instruments. The progress each child makes in this group is very individual, but when everybody is united in song, improvisation or movement, it is clear to see each individual respects the others in the group and all are very aware of each others place within it.

Glad Tuesdays is run in partnership with The The Glad Foundation.


Glad Spectrum Music

Glad Spectrum Music is closely linked to Glad Tuesdays, the difference being it is for individuals to have two-to-one music sessions, leading to the potential to join the Glad Tuesday music group. Glad Spectrum Music is funded by Children in Need, and has been set up to address a need for music sessions for children who are have Autism Spectrum Disorder, who struggle in a group situation. Children who are eligible for these sessions may have poor social skills, and lack the motivation to develop communication skills. Often the most solitary children, have fantastic musical abilities, but these abilities are frequently hidden. This project aims to change, nurture and develop these abilities.

Education system

Individual music session



MUSAC vocalMUSAC - vocalising and being heardWe currently deliver an adult music group for MUSAC in Livingston. This class is full of singing, dancing, vocalising, drumming, rhythm and wonderful soundscapes. MUSAC is led by community musician Clea Friend. This group has people from ages 16-80 and everyone attends with a support assistant, who also takes part in the group. One of the great joys of this group is that regardless of age or ability, everyone is united by a common musical goal and the sense of togetherness that is apparent when developing or performing a piece of music is a privilege to watch.


Kilmaron piano joySchool one-to-one session - Joyful piano playing. School projects

We are currently delivering projects for South Lanarkshire Council, Renfrewshire Council, Fife Council and City of Glasgow Council. Click here for more information about setting up a HMM project in your school.


Hear My Music Kilmaron technologyOne-to-one session - using technologyIndividual sessions

We are currently delivering instrumental lessons and communication through music sessions to some wonderful individuals. Please click here for information about individual sessions.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in, or setting up any of these groups or activities, please get in touch at  or on 07890512824.

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