ASD base unit project - Case Study L

PIano2L is a seven year old girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She attends an ASD base unit and was first involved in a project in 2013 involving individual sessions. We are still working with her.

After one session it was apparent that L is incredibly musical, showing an aptitude for singing and an interest in all musical instruments. By her second session it was clear that she has absolute pitch (the ability to recreate or identify a given musical note without the benefit of a reference note). L has made significant progress in playing and understanding the piano. She has the ability to understand complex musical concepts that people twice her age would struggle with.

L has also made progress in understanding and following of instructions. Using sung instructions, rather than spoken ones has been the key to helping L to understand and communicate. L still struggles in a group situation, and struggles with a lot of sounds. We are working hard together to desensitise L to sounds that upset her, using music to do this. This is a long term process, the hope being that L's musical ability will allow her to find a place in certain social situations and that she will be able to use her exceptional talent to help her with general learning and progress.