Hear My Music offers a range of services for individuals and groups

At HMM we offer a range of services which are all tailored to the needs of every participant and developed at a grass-roots level. We offer opportunities to suit all ages for both groups and individuals. We can set up sessions for your charity, community group, school, after-school club, day care centre or community organisation. We also run independent sessions based on individual needs and welcome all enquires.


Kilmaron inclusionSchool inclusion project - Getting to know each other through singing and dancingSchool inclusion project

Aims of project 

  • To work towards a performance of original music
  • To develop creative input with pupils with complex needs in both individual and group sessions with pupils
  • To teach musical and creative ideas developed by pupils with complex needs to pupils in mainstream schools
  • To work on the development and rehearsal of musical material with pupils in both ASN and mainstream schools
  • To provide sound and film clips in order to recognise everybody's input in a project
  • To provide training to teachers and support staff within the school in order to to leave both a worthwhile musical legacy and the means with which to develop this way of working further. 

A class made music video

A class made a music video to be played during times of transition in the classroom. They all contributed to the musical content by showing preferences for chord patterns, styles and introducing their own unique ways of playing feeling and playing instruments.

Kilmaron singing strumstickSchool one-to-one session - finding a voiceASD/communication base unit music project

Aims of project 

  • To work with pupils in each base unit on an individual basis using music as a means for developing interaction and communication skills
  • To develop the ideas formed in the individual sessions in a group setting
  • To document this process using sound and film clips
  • To create songs or pieces of music relevant to the pupils in the particular school to support the often challenging transitions between activities during the school day
  • To work with teachers and support staff in the base units to create musical material that will enrich the school

Each school project is tailored specifically to the schools involved. We meet with senior management, teachers and support staff to ensure everybody involved knows what to expect and format the project will take.

After-school music groups

SIRCC conference groupGroup performance at Scottish Institute for Residential Childcare conference

After-school music groups for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • To provide a safe environment in which children can develop musical skills
  • To develop social interaction through music
  • To create original pieces of music and document this process through film and sound recordings
  • To develop social and communication skills through music
  • To nurture and develop a love of music

After-school groups can take place in schools or independent community settings.

GroupMUSAC group sharing session.Antonine CourtImprovisation sessionAdult music groups

Community-based groups for adults with Additional Support Needs. 

Aims of project

  • To provide a social environment in which adults can develop musical skills
  • To develop self-confidence and self-awareness through music
  • To enhance relaxation through music
  • To encourage physical activity through dance and movement
  • To discover and nurture a love of music
  • To create original pieces of music, fostering a sense of ownership and achievement

Adult music groups can be specifically tailored to a group or centre or organised in an accessible community setting.

Hear My Music Kilmaron technologyOne-to-one session - using technology.Individual music sessions for all ages

Individual music sessions are tailored specifically to each participant and can involve

  • Learning an instrument
  • Developing rhythm and pitch skills
  • Developing an awareness of sound and music
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Creating music
  • Using accessible technology
  • Developing a musical soundtrack for everyday tasks

Individual sessions are either on either a one- or two-to-one basis and are particularly aimed at participants who may find a group setting difficult. They can often lead to inclusion in a group over time.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in, or setting up any of these groups or activities, please get in touch at  or on 07890512824.

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