Giving people a voice through participant-led music making

Hear My Music is a charity enabling people with complex needs and/or Autism to express themselves as individuals through inclusive participant-led music making.

VP piano sessionPiano improvisation


ACCESS to a musical experience leading to:


  • Awareness of ability - Musical ability can often be undiscovered or difficult to nurture.
  • Communication - Development of mainstream or alternative communication methods.
  • Creativity - Creating and using original music can enhance creativity.
  • Empowerment - Control over musical material can lead to the confidence to take control in all aspects of life.
  • Self-confidence - Performances and contributions to a group can foster self-confidence.
  • Self-expression - The opportunity to express emotions and states through music.


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At HMM, we believe that music is a powerful, communicative tool that breaks down barriers for vulnerable people.

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